Site Builder Guide

Portal - The Main Site

Files - Managing Files from the File System

  • Go to Site Manager > File Manager

  • You can do browsing the files like in windows explorer


Pages - The Module Container

Page Manager

  • Go to Site Manager > Page Manager

  • Now new window will look like this below


Adding Pages

  • Click Add New, enter page name…

  • Refresh the page (if don’t see the new page created). You can also rename it, right-click and choose rename from drop down menu. To view the page, choose View from right click dropdown menu


Editing Pages - Edit this Page

  • Click Edit This Page from the menu. A Popup window will show up


Copying Pages

  • There is two ways to do this. You can do by right-clicking on the page then select copy or choose copy on the header menu.

  • Choose folder where you want to paste the page


Cloning Pages

The operation is same as Copy, rigt-click then select Clone. The different is Clone will create immediate copy to same root as the origin. Paste not required.


Modules - The Basic Building Block

Module is piece(s) of page on Appleseed. it’s just like section(s) on HTML page.


Adding Modules

Module Settings

  • Click on gear icon, located at top right of the page

  • The popup window shows up as below.


Module Security

  • Click on gear icon, located at top right of the page

  • Click Security & Workflow

  • You can start setting up security configuration