Learn Appleseed Portal


This site is a work in progress. Topics marked with a 🔧 are placeholders that are currently being written. You can track the status of these topics through our public documentation issue tracker.

This documentation is for Users, Builders, Designers, Developers, and Administrators of applications that are built on Appleseed Portal.

Introduction 🔧

A brief introuction to the Appleseed Portal Project.


For Getting Started with Appleseed and installation into different environments.

Upgrade 🔧

For Upgrading Current Installations of Appleseed Portal.

User Guide 🔧

For site users that want to know how to find, add and manage content for general use.

Builder Guide 🔧

For site builders that want to know how to add and manage pages, modules as a power user.

Administrator Guide 🔧

For site administrators that want to know how to administer portals, backup content, and manage multiple sites.

Developer Guide 🔧

For site developers that want to extend the basic functionality of the Appleseed software with different types of modules and connectors.

Designer Guide 🔧

For site designers that want to change the look and feel of the portal, pages, and modules using themes, layouts, and local theme overrides.